Boomer War - Losing Faith In God & Country
Boomer War:
Losing Faith in God and Country

During 1968, a California surfer was in the right place at the right time to participate in activities that gave him rank, power and money during his tour of duty in Vietnam, which is a story he calls Boomer War. Vietnam is the Baby Boomer’s war along with the cultural and generational wars they fought in the sixties. In Vietnam “App” is assigned to the 448 S&S which handles food supplies for the Third Corps. He becomes the parts specialist for the entire Battalion receiving praise and a combat promotion from the Battalion Commander who chooses him “Soldier of the Month”. App and his fellow Californian JR develop a business with several of the on base clubs to supply steaks and burgers in exchange for free drinks and food. After surviving the Tet Offensive in 1968 they realize...Read More

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Angst, Inspired Author, Surfer - Robbie Appenzeller

Angst tells the story of disturbing experiences that challenged me in many ways. In the summer of 1979 I traveled to Europe with two quests. First, to find my sister Lucy, who left the US with her group The Great Salt Lake Mime Troupe in 1975. Her letters said she was in Italy performing avant garde dance. Second, as an Appenzeller, I was curious about the village my ancestors must have come from called Appenzell in Switzerland.... Read More

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